Monotype D&AD 2015

Print Design + Motion Design





The project was created in response to the D&AD Monotype 2015 brief, which asked for a typographic solution to film advertising produced for a retrospective of a chosen director’s works. The goal was to come up with a motion piece, a set of posters and additional collateral of the designer’s choosing. I decided to do up a set of admission tickets and postcards.

Christopher Nolan’s movies all contain a non-linear narrative and largely revolve around the human mind, memories and dreams. The concept of the typographic advertising ties into the idea that our memories are not an actual representation of past events, but are subjective and distorted / blurred by the passing of time.

Upon investigating various methods of distorting and glitching typography, I finally decided on corrupting the JPGs containing legible typography, celebrating the randomness of the results.