My name is Aleksandra Kulecka (but you can call me Aleks.) I am a multidisciplinary designer currently based in Dublin, Ireland. I have a keen interest in clean design with a typographic bend, although I don’t shy away from more illustrative projects. I am constantly honing my skills in the field of web design and web development (this website being a result of my Bootstrap experiments in responsive web design) and I am participating in projects allowing me to grow in UI/UX design. The other end of the spectrum is my love for hand-lettering, digital painting and 3D graphics, fields within which I do passion projects during my spare time.

All work, no play?

When the work day is finished, I’m an avid reader, trying to fill up my time with books as much as I can. Also as any self-respecting multi-tasker, I often knit while enjoying a book or movie, because why should you do one thing when you can do two. My guilty pleasure is playing computer games, but I keep telling myself that it’s all part of the research I need to one day be part of the industry. It’s not denial when it’s possible, right?


BA (Hons) in Visual Communication Design
IADT, Dublin

HND in Graphic Design
BCFE, Dublin


Graphic Designer

Design Intern

Design Intern

Enterprise Ireland
Innovation Voucher Designer

Curriculum Vitae

If you would like to know more details about me and have a more in-depth look into my career and skills, please don’t hesitate to download my CV.