The Adjustable Table, E1027 by Eileen Gray
Adam, Peter, 1998
Design Classic series, Frankfurt

Eileen Gray
Adam, Peter, 2000
Thames and Hudson, London

A Woman’s Touch
Anscombe, Isabelle, 1984

Art Deco
Arwas, Victor, 1980
London Academy Editions, New York, Harry Abram’s Editions

The Decorative Twenties
Battersby, Martin
London, Studio

Eileen Gray, Paris Assouline
Baudot, François, 1969
London Thames and Hudson

1920’s Style
Brunhammer, Yvonne, 1969
London and New York

Les années 25
Brunhammer, Yvonne, 1966
Paris Musées des Arts Décoratifs

Le Style 1925
Brunhammer, Yvonne, 1975
Paris, Baschet Editions

Cinquantenaire de l’Exposition de 1925
Brunhammer, Yvonne, 1976
Paris Musées des Arts Décoratifs, Presses de Connaissance

Eileen Gray
Constant, Caroline, 2000
New York, Phaidon

Eileen Gray an Architecture for all Senses
Constant, Caroline, and Wang, Wilfred, 1996
Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University and Frankfurt Deutsches Architektur Museum

Eileen Gray Designer and Architect
Garner, Philippe, 1993
Taschen Publications

Ten Twentieth Century Houses
Gest, Jan Van, and Otakar, Macel, 1980
London arts Council

Eileen Gray Works and Projects
Hecker, Stefan and Muller, Christian, 1993
Barcelona Gustavo Gill

Eileen Gray, Designer 1879–1976
Johnston, Stewart, 1979
London, Debrett’s Peerage for Victoria and Albert Museum and for the Museum of Modern Art 1980 catalogue