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Sport Ireland aims to ensure Ireland’s performances in elite international sport improve and to create consistent success at elite level.

What do we believe in?

Our mission at Sport Ireland is to support Irish Sports to reach World Podiums by driving excellence in the high performance system through the delivery of world class services. We believe Irish sportsmen and women should achieve consistent world-class performance, and achieve it fairly.

Sport Ireland also wants to encourage amateur athletes to take the next step forward and turn sports into a professional career. We provide information, guidance and funding to those who believe that they want sport to become what they do for a living.

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Become an athlete

You love sports, you train several times a week and you think you’ve got what it takes to turn your passion into a career. Here at Sport Ireland we are all about supporting budding athletes. We can show you avenues you can take to do sports professionally, inform you about nutrition and lifestyle regimes that are suggested to facilitate the highest performance. Once you are ready to take that next step, we can provide you with the necessary guidance and funding to make a career out of sports, so you can make yourself and Ireland proud.

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High performance unit

Performance Planning

Performance Planning is the mechanism that Sport uses to invest in High Performance National Governing Bodies of Sport. Its purpose is to drive performance and development of sports and athletes in the High Performance system to achieve consistent success at the World level.

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Carding Scheme

The International Carding Scheme has, since its introduction in 1998, been a central part of the high performance system in Ireland. Notwithstanding some significant amendments, notably in 2005 and 2010, it has remained a constant pillar of the system and following the London Games it was considered timely to review its impact and future role.

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Team Ireland Golf Trust

Team Ireland Golf was established in 1999 to assist Irish professional golfers, both male and female, in the early stages of their careers. The objective of Team Ireland Golf is to support golfers who have the potential to become established players on the main international tours, such as the European Tour, US PGA Tour, Ladies European Tour and LPGA Tour.

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Funding + Support

Sport Ireland provide athletes with support and financial funding in order to facilitate the best performance and development. There is access to psychological and medical care, as well as training and performance facilities. Depending on certain factors, an athlete might be eligible for financial funding, available through several of our schemes.

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Sports + Athletes

The Sports and Athletes sections of our website consists of a database of Irish athletes and a list of disciplines trained in Ireland. In the Athletes section you can find detailed information on the performance and achievements of the sports people, find out more about their journey and even get in touch with your favourites to get advice and encouragement in your own career development. Similarly the Sports database lists information about the disciplines and leads you to the organisations responsible for them.

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